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O2 broadband and BT's 21CN

I noticed recently that BT were messing about inside all of their cabinets. Curious, I decided to have a look on their website to see if it was part of the 21CN roll-out. Indeed it was, and as of June I will be able to increase my broadband connection from a pathetic <3 Mbps to a delicious >60 Mbps. Annoyingly, that would be at twice the price, but it will probably be worth it.

I am, however, a long-term O2 customer and the price they are currently giving me for unlimited broadband is unmatched by far. So I went to their website to see if they offered the same product at a reduced price (O2 broadband runs over BT's local loop network). I was informed by a very helpful O2 Guru that they are currently testing on BT's 21CN network and have had positive results. They don't have a date when this will be ready but will announce it on the website when they are ready to roll it out.

So long as I don't have to wait too long, I'm happy to wait and see what O2's prices are.

As this page explains, there's a chance we'll have to fork out to replace those ancient BT sockets, and no, you cannot replace them yourself by law. Seems... fair?

P.S. The nerd in the BT adverts is an absolute tosser. Which idiot thought he was a good replacement for the yummy mummy?

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