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YouTube does NOT listen to copyright claims

Last year I wrote about how YouTube does listen to copyright claims.

After writing that I realised that YouTube, in fact, don't even get involved. Their Content ID system finds a match, and a copyright claim is automatically triggered by the system on behalf of whoever claims to own the copyright, even when they don't.

The result being that they then start receiving revenue for your video.

Now, if you're idiotic enough to steal another person's copyrighted material then that's your tough luck, but if the person making the claim in the first place has no claim at all then they're effectively stealing from you, and that is a criminal offence.

BT SmartTalk

I have previously written about how impressed I am by BT's roll out of their 21CN network. I never thought for a second they could impress me even further but they have! I do believe this now makes me a BT fanboi, but I'm cool with that because I'll be an adult soon.

Whilst messing around on the Internet and checking my telephone usage I stumbled across BT SmartTalk. SmartTalk is not new technology. It is basically a VoIP service operated by BT where your calls are routed over the Internet and you are billed to your BT bill. This means you can bill your landline at landline rates, and not have to pay the ridiculous charges mobile operators get away with (such as charging for 0800, higher charges for 0844, 0845, etc.) and even call back to the UK at UK standard call rates so long as you have an Internet connection. And it's free!

In Australia and want to call home? Got a plan that gives you free calls to landlines? It won't cost a penny!

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